Mohammad Hamid Ansari, our former Vice President of India (11 August 2007 - 11 August 2017), in one of his interviews to the Rajya Sabha TV said, "there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among muslims in the country". Do you agree with concerns he raised with the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues?

About Us

mpConnect is a mobile app which allows Indian citizens and residents to contact their Member of Parliament through their smart phones (both Android & iOS devices.)

We have now come up with a web engagement (, which will allow INDIA (every citizen) to post their views, in support of or in against of an issue (a political decision or a top concern of the citizen).

The results will be directly shared with the Members of Lok Sabha.

What is the connect between the web app and mpConnect mobile app?
The mpConnect mobile app as usual allows the users to search Lok Sabha members by name or constituency and be able to call, text or email them.

With the introduction of the web app for user votes on issues, the communication of the user will get more specific to the current issue.

How does it work for the Member of Parliament?
Each member of Parliament is provided with a link to view their constituents' input on the issue.

They will also be provided a link, which displays the feed of the entire communication details they have received from the app.

Future Enhancements
We will be adding members of Rajya Sabha on our smart phone applications in a few months. We plan to add additional tools for the Members of Parliament in order to attain greater input from their voters in near future.

Our Team
The mpConnect team consists of a few young techies who are being mentored by the founders of V-Empower, Inc. ( Shukoor Ahmed and Rahman Ahmed. They built the 1st ever web platform in India for voters to engage with their elected officials ( We will have more details of the team in couple of weeks.