Do you support proposed 2017 Budget?


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Yes 50%
15th February, 2017 05:33 AM

Finally some govt gave tax benefit for IT people. Since last 70 yr no relaxation from congress govt. BJP made this happens. Good job BJP

15th February, 2017 04:46 AM

The Union Budget 2017-18 is extremely positive for the common man, farmers, small and medium businesses and would drive significant growth in Indian economy.

7th February, 2017 08:12 AM

I suuprt it

No 50%
7th March, 2017 03:17 AM

They have all done good to the cooperate companies and in short will tell you our common need which is daal, rice, petrol etc etc is so high that some time we can't even efford.

15th February, 2017 04:48 AM

The present burden of taxation is mainly on honest taxpayers and salaried employees.

9th February, 2017 09:03 AM

Not Support

Unsure 0%